• Cadantis Associates

    I have dealt with Peter over the last 6 years and found him to be extremely effective in promoting my business to the retail market which had previously been a hard market to get introductions into.

    Peter is an extremely hard worker and has a very professional way of conducting business and therefore  I   would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

    Simon Stanley
    Managing Director
  • Tropicalia Beverages Industries BV

    Riha WeserGold, one of Europe’s leading producers of non alcoholic beverages, has successfully penetrated the UK market, initiated and accompanied by FMG. Our over 15 year’s cooperation creates a firm base to maintain and to build out business relations with leading supermarkets, multiples and C&C.

    The efficiency and  low cost of working with FMG Direct made it possible for us enter into this new market quickly and risk-free.

    Our relationship has continued over many years giving us access to buyers and market information on an ongoing basis and ensuring the solidity of our UK business

    Tropicalia Beverages Industries BV
    Ernst P.E.F. Klapwijk
    International Key Account Manager

  • Task Consumer Products Limited

    "We have worked with Peter for several years, due to his meticulous work ethic when doors have been closed, Peter has managed to open them and gain access to the right people and decision makers.

    We will no doubt continue working with Peter on a long term basis."

    Mr James Cole


  • Food Freshness Technology

    "I have known Peter for many years - he is personable, honest, hard-working and reliable.

    We have worked together across several businesses and projects and with his advice and contacts, he has helped us to engage with retailers and their suppliers which has resulted in stronger relationships and swifter market adoption."

    Simon Lee - Entrepreneur


  • Herbal Heatpack Company

    “We have worked with Peter for a number of years.  He is very well connected with the multiple retailers and with his contacts, assistance and perseverance, we have opened many accounts."

    J Cohen