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People are our Business

FMG Direct Ltd was established by Peter Oppenheimer in 2008 as a sister company to the successful Food Direct Ltd.

Peter has been a supplier to the retail trade in various senior director roles for the last 30 years and boasts unrivalled connections at all levels across a broad range of your potential customers.

Regardless of whether you’re an established company or a start up, FMG can provide the required level of input and support. We offer the same top quality service to all our clients – extremely competitively! For businesses in the early stages, we can scope the market and ensure that you build an appropriate infrastructure to match the customers demonstrating the greatest interest and for established companies, we can help to plug gaps in your list of stockists.

Regular contact means that FMG Direct Ltd have their finger on the pulse when it comes to structural and personnel changes with their customers.

“People are our business and we have the relationships to ensure that your products are presented to the right contacts. We can also ensure that the presentations you give to the retailers are appropriate and professional. Our sales and marketing expertise enables suppliers to develop the correct strategy, marketing plans and sales presentations, specific to the UK market and tailor them to targeted customers. It is essential to understand the potential of each customer and how to approach them, as each one has its own unique way of working.”

Peter Oppenheimer

Major UK retailers, wholesalers and cash & carrys are constantly searching for new opportunities and suppliers of food and drink (soft and alcoholic) non food grocery, health and beauty, electrical, DIY, non-food products, clothing and services.

At the same time, many individuals and companies with great products experience difficulty ‘getting into’ these stores and struggle to find the correct contact to communicate with.

FMG Direct Ltd can help potential suppliers to target the appropriate client contacts quickly, meet with them and then work with them on a direct basis.

We bring suppliers and retailers together.

As part of our service we can help you to:

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