FMG Direct in conjunction with Retail Connections Ltd has recently been commissioned to help one of the leading brands sold in vaping stores / convenience stores to establish itself in the mainstream UK market place, primarily key Grocery Multiples. We are well placed to handle this given the relationships that we have with the key tobacco buyers and the heritage along with USP’s that this brand has.

Debang is a company / brand which has to date been focused on vape stores, servicing around 500+ specialist outlets, and convenience stores where they service over 4,000+ SPAR, Costcutter, MACE and independents sites across the UK.

The directors have ensured that the business is leading the market in terms of New product development (NPD). This is a ”vaping business at heart”, they are not a tobacco company that has acquired another generic e-cigarette brand. 

Debang has a number of ”strategic relationships” with global e-cigarette liquid and hardware manufacturers which allows them to bring new and exciting products to the market first.
All their liquids are UK manufactured using only the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients.  Their products include a new range of SUBOHM liquids, devices and accessories.  All the products are TPD2 compliant, they have been notified to the MHRA and all have the required MSDS and RoHS certification.

Their knowledge of the market is unequalled and they are now ready to bring VAPE STORE i.e. SUBOHM products to the general market.  This would effectively mean that your business would halt the loss of customers to vape stores and actually start to draw them back through offering the right e-cigarette range.

With Vaping now worth an estimated £500m per year and growing and some 2.8m Vapers in the UK, consumers now want powerful good looking devices and great tasting liquids. 
Market research by Ernst & Young, shows that ”59% of Vapers are using Modular / SUBOHM devices”.  Further research by Mintel, shows that ”e-liquid flavour” is the no.1 consideration when making a purchase in this category.

Debang’s New SUBOHM range offers great tasting American inspired, high VG liquids, and great MOD style devices with intelligent micro chip technology that auto adjusts the wattage of the device to give the perfect vape.

Debang has invested heavily in developing a truely UNIQUE market leading display solution.  Their new modular display is the only unit of its kind that can be used as a counter display or back wall solution.  It can be displayed open faced to allow self service or closed faced to prevent theft.

They have a field sales team around the country that are able to work closely with store teams.